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Layers, layers, layers! If you want a rich and luxurious look for your wedding, layering is the way to go. Create lavish folds of fabric with streamer bows. It can be difficult balancing textures and weights for an effective result. So we’re sharing a few tips today for how to layer effectively. Start with a solid base to give body to the bow. Then use layers of lighter ribbons to give depth without the bow becoming too bulky. Organza is a beautiful way to create a soft flow. Use the organza as an in between layer so that it sits gently amidst the rest. Add a feature layer, especially if you’re working all in one colour. This will stop the ribbons from sinking into each other and looking too plain. Lace is ideal for this. Choose something narrow and put it near the front so that it can be seen. Try bow making yourself with our easy to follow video tutorial.

Streamer bows are particularly popular for bouquets at the moment. Although be careful. Go for a bow with small loops at the top and long luscious tails. This creates a beautiful compliment to the bouquet without competing with the flowers for attention. Streamer bows are also a fab way to decorate the backs of the chairs for the Bride and Groom. Or for pew ends instead of or with flowers. Get more decorating ideas.


 In this bow:

100mm Grosgrain White: €3.50 per metre
50mm Organza Antique White: €2.30 per metre
38mm Taffeta White: €2.05 per metre
25mm Bobinette Lace White: €4.10 per metre
10mm Taffeta White: €1.10 per metre.


In this bow:

38mm Satin Ivory: €1.55 per metre
25mm Organza Antique White: €1.25 per metre
25mm Bobinette Lace White: €4.10 per metre
10mm Picot Edge Ivory: €1.25 per metre
10mm Silky Grosgrain Ivory: €0.85c per metre

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