Every Mum is different. That’s what we love about them. Some mums are creative, some are glam. Most mums are loving, and often quite mad! Each day this week we are going to post gift ideas for Mother’s Day to celebrate the wonderfully different types of Mums.

Monday’s Mum is “The Keen Gardener”

It is coming to that time of year when even the Irish rain needs a break. Mums and Dads all over Ireland will be waiting patiently for those dry afternoons when they can get out and cut the grass and plant some geraniums.

Anticipate this inevitable excitement with a lovely garden gift this Mother’s Day. Try a rusty Migrating Goose or Duckling. These guys are ideal because they are weather proof. So even if the rain persists, they will survive! Tie a bow to these lovely garden ornaments to add a finishing touch that will stream in the wind.

Mums who love to garden often love to grow their own herbs and vegetables. Their kitchens smell divinely of rhubarb tarts and carrot soups. Baskets make a beautiful gift for Mums to gather the fruits (and vegetables) of their labour in.

 Gift Wrap Tip: Add that extra special finishing touch with our “Home Grown” Ribbon.

Photo of Migrating Goose taken at The Garden Powerscourt Centre. 

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