This Halloween we wanted to take a behind the scenes look at Alexa’s annual Halloween Birthday Bash: The Skeleton Party.  The theme is decayed luxury meets skeleton harvest. A cobwebbed staircase leads into the house where DIY skeletons dance and play surrounded by ghoulish gourds and spindly  branches. There’s a touch of Edgar Allen Poe in the stacks of tattered books, anatomical illustrations and cardboard cut out skulls. Stuffed Owls haunt the windowsills alongside lanterns piled high with Autumn vegetables. Fir branches, chestnuts and pinecones collected on long walks through the nearby forests can be seen scattered throughout the house. Ribbons adorn most surfaces and twinkle lights for the twilight hours of Friday night are ready to go.

*Try it yourself! Check out our DIY Halloween: Spindly Branches Archway How To.

Image Above: A spooky spindly Halloween stairway leads up to the party.  Autumn vegetables purchased by Alexa in the Pepper Pot, Powerscourt, are scattered on the windowsill with lanterns and straw.

Image Above: Spindly branches, some purchased at The Garden, while some were collected on nature walks. Cobwebs bought at the €2 shop. These spooky branches overhang the stairway creating a forest archway leading upstairs.

Images Above: Skeleton Party! Life size home-made skeletons dance and play. Cut out of cardboard and tied together with ribbon at the joints. These skeletons are a great DIY project for the kids!

Image Above: Guest will sit down to a banquet of ghoulish treats. Archaic handwriting on natural linen place mats with scattered foliage & wooden stars. Place mats by Lucie Pritchard.

Image Above & Below: Using nature to create DIY centerpieces made using a glass globe, branches, dried flowers petals and wooden stars. Finished off with a candle to glow through the breaks in the branches.

Image Above: Draw from the natural world by using branches and dried flower petals to create centerpieces for your Halloween Party.

Image Above: Stuffed Owls haunt the windowsills surrounded by growth of the season. Anatomical illustrations add a hint of Edgar Allen Poe to the scene.

Image Above: Pinecones & branches collected during  forest walks stacked in log baskets by the stove. Bespoke Ceramic Tiles by KaroArt on Etsy.

Image Above: A knotted Winter wreath stacked in the corner rather than hung up on the door gives a sense of luxury & decay.

Image Above: Decanters & bottles of wine with antique style illustrated labels.

*Packs of Wooden Stars, Knotted Winter Wreath & Ribbons all available in store. For further details please contact a member of our team!