Floral Summer Bow


So this summer hasn’t been the worst in terms of Irish weather. We’ve had a couple of runs of nice sunny days (which is really saying something). And even though we’ve had our fair share of rain over the last month. We’re not quite ready to let go of Summer yet. So today we’re sharing a floral Summer bow. Made with a hessian base in the back. White taffeta to freshen it up. A wired pink floral in the front for that Summer feeling. And tied with a deep pink. Refuse to say goodbye to Summer and brighten up your home with a floral Summer bow. You could even try making your own. Check out our easy to follow video tutorial.

Use your Summer bow to decorate your front door for special occasions. Or have it as a more permanent feature at the end of the stairs. Give a sad area, such as an umbrella basket, a little lift. Or bring some life to your hallway mirror. There’s no limit to the places you can tie a bow!

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In this Bow:
100mm Hessian Ribbon: €2.10 per metre
38mm White Taffeta: €2.05 per metre
38mm Floral Wired Ribbon: €2.95 per metre
10mm Satin Pink: €0.65c per metre

If you have any questions about this post or would like to order you floral Summer bow please contact us.

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