Set the Scene for a Night to Remember


Running through the woods getting cobwebs and branches caught in your hair as you flee the scene of some scary encounter….sound familiar? Whether it’s Sleepy Hollow or the Hocus Pocus we have all seen a horror movie with this scene in it. Create the same atmosphere at your Halloween Party with a spindly branches archway above your staircase. This is a quick, cost efficient but very effective way to decorate your haunted house this Halloween!

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Tools & Materials:
Cable Ties
Cobwebs - you can purchase these at the €2 store.
Branches & foliage - collect from your local forest or park! Be sure to only collect fallen foliage!
Lantern - any glass container will work - e.g reuse old mason jars of different sizes.
Autumn Vegetables
- collect or buy from your local farmers market

Step 1: Choose a place for your archway. We have chosen a staircase because the bannister makes it extremely easy to fix the branches in place.



Step 2: Fix your branches in place using cable ties. Position them so that they hang at just about head height.



Step 3: Stretch your cobwebs out over the branches. Try stretching them across the staircase and back to create a giant cobweb effect.



Step 4: Place lanterns on windowsills or along the staircase with candles inside for dimmed lighting. Scatter Autumn vegetables, pinecones and chestnuts among raphia at the base of the lanterns.




Viola! You have created a spindly Halloween archway!