This Spring, I decided to take some time away from the shop to develop a collection of Christmas designs. After 7 years of business it was a pleasure to re-awaken and explore my creative side again. Painted wooden toys from the Christmas mornings of my childhood, watching our garden robin eating winter berries on a frosted morning and singing carols around the piano all capture the moments that make up my Christmas memories. I took inspiration from my travels in Sweden and Denmark, investigating traditional folk weaves, patterns and national treasures that harnessed the atmosphere of Christmas too.

The Christmas morning of my childhood had bouncing painted drums with dancing ribbons under the tree.

Trying to turn the pages of the music manuscript on the piano at the right moment as we sing carols together after Christmas dinner.

Watching our bold garden robin eat winter berries through the window as I dress oranges with cloves and wrap them in cinnamon filled tissue in preparation for the season.

Imagining my own snow scene in Lapland as I admire the intricacy of the traditional hand embroidered folk patterns in the exhibitions from my travels in Scandinavia.

Celebrating our new Collection with an Artist’s Studio inspired window display